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Institute of Distance Education is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University. The institute aim is to provide higher education opportunities to those who are unable to join regular academic and vocational education programmes in the affiliated colleges of the University and make higher education reach to the doorsteps in rural and geographically remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North-eastern part of India in general. The education through distance mode is an alternative mode of imparting instruction to overcome the problems of access, infrastructure and socio-economic barriers. The institute offers Bachelor degree and Certificate programmes in the field of Art.

Rajiv Gandhi University has been offering distance education program at undergraduate level and started bachelor’s Degree in five subjects namely Economics, Education, English, History and Political Science from the session 2005-06. During the session 2006-07, two more subjects namely Hindi and Sociology have been added to its undergraduate program.

The courses have been recognized and approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi. An Expert Committee from the DEC visited the Centre in November 2005 and evaluated infrastructural facilities, availability of course materials, details of delivery mechanisms, provisions of student’s support, library facilities etc. The self-learning course materials are prepared with subject experts and evaluated by a team of experts at the DEC, New Delhi. In recent times, IDE has embarked on the road of using ICT for distance learning. The institute is in the process of creating a computer centre and a website, for which material is being developed.

SFS College is a recognized centre for distance education program at undergraduate level that provides Bachelor’s Degree in seven subjects namely Economics, Education, English, History, Political Science, Hindi and Sociology.