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Besides regular BA programme SFSC offers a number of add-on courses, certificate courses and personality development courses. It is compulsory for the students to opt for at least one certificate course per semester. Following are the list of Certificate and Add-on courses offered by the college:

Sl.No Course title Course Code Certificate/Add-on/Bridge Course
1 Basic Spoken English CSD:CC:NO:01 Certificate
2 Basic Computer Skills CSD:CC:NO:02 Certificate
3 Floral Decoration CSD:CC:NO:03 Certificate
4 Creative Writing CSD:CC:NO:04 Certificate
5 Advanced Communication Skills CSD:CC:NO:05 Certificate
6 Advanced Computer Skills CSD:CC:NO:06 Certificate
7 Course on Photoshop and Corel Draw X3 CSD:CC:NO:07 Certificate
8 Foreign Language CSD:CC:NO:08 Certificate
9 Music CSD-AC:NO:01 Add-on
10 Soft Skills and Personality Development Courses CSD-AC:NO:02 Add-on
11 Choreography CSD-AC:NO:03 Add-on
12 Spoken English & Communication Skills CSD-BC:NO:01 Bridge Course