Degree Courses

In this academic year 2016-17, SFSC offers the regular BA Programme of Rajiv Gandhi University, with Honours in English, Sociology, History and Political Science, and geography as optional subject for II and III BA students. This academic year onwards RGU has introduced semester system for I BA in all its affiliated colleges.

Diploma & Certificate Courses

SFS college offers add-on courses such as Diploma in Basic Computer Skills (DCS), Spoken English, Music Course and many other personality and carrier development courses and programmes. Every student who joins SFSC is eligible to apply for the same.


SFSC has five departments at present such as English, Geography, history, political science and sociology. Many department wise programmes are organised under the guidance and supervision of respective HODs.

Distance Education

SFSC has five departmenWill be Introduced later.



Responsibilities of the staff for the Academic Session 2019-20

All the committees will operate under the chairmanship of Fr. Vipin George (Principal)

Academic Council
Sr. Belsy Jose (Coordinator), Sr. Martha (COE), Mr. Praduyt Dey (IQAC Coordinator), Sr. Jancy, and all the HoDs
Admission Committee
Sr. Belsy Jose (Coordinator),Mr. Kenli Ete, Sr. Jancy, Mr. Utpal Nath, Students Welfare office members, Office staffs
Disciplinary Committee
:Mr. Kenli Ete (Coordinator),Sr. Belsy Jose, Mr. Kenli Ete, Mr. Peli Nyorak, All HoDs and Class Teachers and Students Welfare Office members
Exam Cell
Sr. Martha (COE), Mr. Kenli Ete, Mr. Gedo Karbak, Mr. Utpal Nath, Ms. Josephine (Office staff)
Research Cell
Dr. Mari Lollen (Coordinator), Ms. Monalisha Bora, Mr. Mibang Perme, Mr. BikasKena
Internal Assessment Committee
Sr. Belsy Jose (Coordinator), Sr. Martha, Ms. Himadri Dutta and all the HoDs
Library Committee
Mrs. Orik Komut (Coordinator), Mrs. Tongam Ete, Ms. Tongam Karbak and all the HoDs.
Anti-Ragging Committee
Mr. Kenli Ete (Coordinator), Sr. Belsy Jose, Mr. Peli Nyorak, Ms. Tame Katherina
Sexual Harassment Committee
Sr. Belsy Jose (Coordinator), Ms. Monalisha Bora, Ms. Bompi Zirdo, Mrs. Shelly Ango, Mr. Praduyt Dey and Students Welfare Office members
Institute of Distance Education (IDE)
Mr. Mimmo Ete (Coordinator) and Mrs. Tongam Ete Ado
Leadership and Career Guidance Cell
Mr. Kenli Ete (Coordinator), Ms. Iter Angu, Ms. Inkey Tayeng, Ms. Monalisha Bora and Mrs. Shelly Ango
Student’s Grievance Cell
Mr. Kenli Ete (Coordinator), Sr Belsy Jose, Ms.Himadri Dutta, Mr. Gedo Karbak, SWO members: Mr. Mili Angu ( College Captain) and Ms. Topi Yaying ( College Vice- Captain)