From the academic year 2014-2015 on wards Rajiv Gandhi University has brought the entire Bachelor of Arts course under the semester scheme. Hence, the new batch of students joining the first year B. A. will have their course of studies in the semestral mode.

Under the semestral mode, a student of B. A. studies across six semesters in three years. The first, the third, and the fifth semesters are termed “Odd Semesters” and the second, the fourth, and the sixth semesters are called “Even Semesters.” The Odd Semesters run from July 1 to December 31, whereas the Even Semesters span from January 1 to June 30.


In the Semestral Scheme, St. Francis De Sales College, as an affiliated college under RGU, offers the following subjects (called “electives”). An applicant may choose any three of the following electives.

Sl.No. Subjects Code Remarks
1. English Compulsory EC Studied in the First and the Second Semester only
2. Environmental Studies ES Studied in the Third Semester only
3. Skill-based Paper SK Studied in the Fourth Semester. (Each Elective will have a skill- based paper)
Sl.No. Subjects Code
1. English Elective E
2. Geography G
3. History H
4. Political Science P
5. Sociology B
6. Anthropology A

In the first four semesters (i.e., two years), a student will study one compulsory paper and three electives of their choice per semester. The electives will remain constant across four semesters. The compulsory paper will change each year/semester. In the final year (the fifth and the sixth semesters), a student will choose anyone of the three electives as his/her Major.


Besides regular BA programme SFSC offers a number of add-on courses, certificate courses and personality development courses. It is compulsory for the students to opt for at least one certificate course per semester. Following are the list of Certificate and Add-on courses offered by the college:

Sl.No. Course title Course Code Certificate/ Add-on/Bridge Course
1. Basic Spoken English CSD:CC:NO:01 Certificate
2. Basic Computer Skills CSD:CC:NO:02 Certificate
3. Floral Decoration CSD:CC:NO:03 Certificate
4. Music CSD:CC:NO:04 Certificate
5. Advanced Communication Skills CSD:CC:NO:05 Certificate
6. Advanced Computer Skills CSD:CC:NO:06 Certificate
7. Course on Photoshop and Corel Draw X3 CSD:CC:NO:07 Certificate
8. Foreign Language CSD:CC:NO:08 Certificate
9. Creative Writing CSD-AC:NO:01 Add-on
10. Soft Skills and Personality Development Courses CSD-AC:NO:02 Add-on
11. Choreography CSD-AC:NO:03 Add-on
12. Spoken English & Communication Skills CSD-BC:NO:01 Add-on

Institute of Distance Education is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University. The institute aims is to provide higher education opportunities to those who are unable to join regular academic and vocational education programmes in the affiliated colleges of the University and make higher education reach to the doorsteps in rural and geographically remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North-eastern part of India in general. The education through distance mode is an alternative mode of imparting instruction to overcome the problems of access, infrastructure and socio-economic barriers. The institute offers Bachelor degree and Certificate programmes in the field of Art.

SFS College is a recognized centre for distance education program at undergraduate level that provides Bachelor’s Degree in seven subjects namely Economics, Education, English, History, Political Science, Hindi and Sociology.